No. 3

Make sure that your tattoos and some costume jewelry complement each other, and the tattoos should match your aura.

Colored tattoos are indeed popular, but the problem is that it becomes part of your daily wear.

Rocky rakovic, the editor-in-chief of the tattoo magazine, said: “It’s like you never wear a red top and green skirt at the same time, so if you have a red tattoo, you’d better throw away the green coat in your closet. He said that many tattoos are tattooed. Most girls wear only black.”

Also pay attention to whether the tattoos on the ankles and feet can match different shoes, and check whether the positions of high heels and flat shoes match your tattoos.

No. 4

The tattoo on the side of the calf is a new “Skank Flank” trend: from the tattoo on the butt to the chest, the flower arm became popular after the wave of the flower arm passed.

Just like fashion, tattoos will change, but tattoos are not clothes. You can’t sell or throw away discounts you don’t like at the end of the year. Tattoos can’t be changed and will stay with you for life.

No. 5

Tattooists usually object to having your favorite citations and lyrics tattooed on your body at the age of 20, which will make you feel stupid for the next 20 years. How quickly flal falls as fast as people’s ideas become.

No. 6

In the same way, don’t tattoo your boyfriend’s name on yourself, there is nothing to say. On this issue, although we are persuading every time, there are still people doing it every day.

Although 98% of people will cover the tattooed name within six months. Please do me a favor. It is better to buy a promised ring than to do a cover-up project that takes time and effort, and it can avoid trauma.

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