Want to tattoo? Itchy heart?

we are the same.

Tattoos have been a symbol of biker and criminals for the past two hundred years, but now everyone’s attitudes have long changed-especially for girls.

The survey shows that more than half of American girls have at least one tattoo. “With the tattoo craze, the proportion of regrets after tattooing continues to rise,” said dr, an authoritative surgeon who has made great achievements in the field of high-tech tattoo washing. This means that not all tattoos are good tattoos.

Jon Mendelsohn md said: “Actually, the survey shows that 20% of people regret getting tattoos.”

From the mouth of Dr. Mendelsohn, we also learned that the people who basically come to get tattoos are single, university-educated women aged 24-39.

It all sounds similar. In order to get why these girls regret tattooing and help avoid the current status of tattooing, we posted a hidden tattoo rule for your reference.

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Pregnancy destroys tattoos. At 19, your roses are hot and fragrant, but what about when you have a baby? It is recommended that you want to clearly confirm that you can bear the consequences before taking action.

“It is best not to tattoo your abdomen before you give birth,” karina mayorga, the advice of Venus’ inkink tattoo shop owner, “these tattoos will deform and shift when you are pregnant. The same applies to belly and buttocks.”

If you need a horror story, Cristina Trecate recalled, “My mom, someone in the lamaze class put a fat pig on her stomach. When she was pregnant, her swollen belly supported the pattern of the pig. Terrible. This is simply a disaster. When she gave birth to the child, the tattoo did not recover. The only thing worse than tattooing a fat pig on the stomach was that the pig that was tattooed was fucking and disfiguring the pig.

We speak conscientiously, we really do not recommend tattoos during pregnancy.

No. 2

The same thing as the same pregnancy, the constant weight will not hurt the tattoo.

“Our skin is elastic,” ZoeyTayl, a tattoo artist in Los Angeles, said. “Thinness will make the skin collapse, and fatness will stretch the skin. In this case, the tattoo will not be deformed.

It is recommended that girls tattoo in their best condition, and then admonish that they will destroy the tattoo if they are fat, so as to restrain themselves from being fat. Keep your tattoos and body at their best.

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