04 Friendship testimony of girlfriends

How many genuine friends
Those who can get tattoos are true love

I hope everyone can have the friendship that makes the other half jealous
Simple patterns carry feelings that are not simple

05 “Anklet” tattoo

Like putting a shackle on the foot
Remind yourself to learn to exercise restraint in certain things

“Anklet” can be stitched from different meaningful patterns
Musical notes, waves, flowers, etc. are good

06 Pet

The feelings between pets and people are also very subtle
Sometimes more real than people
After all, in its lifetime, it has only been around you

Even if it is gone
When you look at the tattoo, you can also think of its greasy look

07 Family

At any time, the family is over
So many people choose to stab themselves with family photos

Do you remember the playground that Dad led you to?

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