With the popularity of “tattoos”
The subjective attitude contained in the tattoo itself is getting richer
In addition to the important things of family and faith
Imprinted on the skin outside the memorial
The visual tattoo has also become a reason for everyone to love tattoos
At the same time, it also spread out vicious
Different from the previous details and new style

If you want a tattoo yourself
But I’m confused if I don’t know what style to start researching
You can refer to these 10 popular tattoos!

01 auricle tattoo

Because initially, many people had tattoos on their ears
Is a symmetrical spiral pattern
Especially on the casters
So it’s also called Helix, which is literally a spiral tattoo

In-ear tattoos are not only beautiful
And can enhance one’s personality
Can combine different sizes and shapes

Geometry is the most popular pattern in ear cartilage tattoos
Because the geometric patterns have no gender restrictions
Simple and attractive, suitable for all ages

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